Introducing a new partnership in healthcare distribution designed with customer needs first.KY-TN
Regional independent healthcare distributors Medical Supplies of America (MSA) of Knoxville TN and Federated Healthcare Supply of Lexington KY have announced a unique partnership to deliver greater efficiency in serving their collective customers.
In June 2015, MSA customers will be served through Federated Healthcare Supply's platform that includes direct manufacturer relationships in combination with the extensive programs of National Distribution & Contracting (NDC). 
Local sales, customer service and delivery in Knoxville by MSA personnel will continue with customers further supported by Federal Healthcare Supply's resources, including IT programs, contract administration, and personnel that is experienced in all healthcare market segments.
What does this new partnership mean for healthcare providers and customers of MSA?
  • There will be no changes in MSA’s commitment to service, the personnel that will directly serve customers, or any necessary changes in the products supplied. 
  • Expanded access to e-commerce through Federal Healthcare Supply's web site and to group purchasing contracts through Federal Healthcare Supply's GPO relationships. 
  • Expanded access to in-stock products from additional vendors with improved buying power ensuring competitive pricing.
  • Highly experienced Federal Healthcare Supply's personnel will be additional resources for MSA and their customers.
  • Invoicing and billing will be from Federal Healthcare Supply's, with most documents changing and payments to be made to Federal Healthcare Supply's.

Welcome to all customers of MSA! Together we look forward to serving your healthcare supply needs for years to come.

Contact Information for MSA:

Medical Supplies of America, LLC
5102 S. Middlebrook Pike, Suite 101
Knoxville, TN 37921

865-588-8041 (office)
888-810-0002 (Toll Free)

865-588-8049 (fax)

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