Casters Welcome Page


Federated Healthcare Supply has enjoyed the opportunity to serve the Casting community for many years and has major positive changes in our program starting today.


We have a new primary manufacturing partner in BSN Orthopedic (who acquired the Johnson & Johnson Deltalite product line), with reduced pricing for key casting products, plus additional discounts for full boxes of casting material.


3M ScotchCast has been our featured product and the casting material of choice for the Casting community, and 3M had offered special pricing to Federated Healthcare Supply that we were able to pass along to you over the years. Recently, 3M decided to terminate this pricing agreement effective September 1, 2016. 3M has benefitted from having this business relationship through Federated Healthcare Supply for many years and it is hard to understand why they would choose to walk away from it, but, Big Companies often do some dumb things.


ALL 3M casting products will still be available from Federated Healthcare Supply, though at significantly higher prices than before (ranging from 48% higher on fiberglass rolls, and 3%-15% higher on padding and stockinette), due to 3M's contract termination.


However, when one door closes, another (better) one often opens. Federated Healthcare Supply has replaced 3M with the highly regarded DeltaLite brand from BSN Orthopedic and we are able to offer REDUCED pricing on their comparable or better products. The BSN color range is extensive though not identical to 3M's: white, black, dark blue, light blue, red, green, orange, yellow, and maroon.


We are still offering casting materials BY THE ROLL for all stocked sizes and colors - at about 3% below 3M ScotchCast pricing. Better yet, we are offering a 5% additional discount on full boxes of 10 (sorry, not assortable). Synthetic stockinette from BSN is between 9% and 14% less. Synthetic cast padding is slightly lower (less than 1%) than 3M.


We hope you enjoy the new program and pricing. Please contact us if you any questions, comments, or suggestions!