Lynn Grogan, Sr. and his son Lynn Grogan, Jr. tried food distribution in the late 1950's in Lexington, Kentucky for a time and decided that sufficient food was not going to be put on their tables that way. 


In early 1960, after shutting down Lexington Food & Coffee Co. they purchased the assets of the L.T. Flake Company, a company that sold an assortment of medical products and vitamins in a small storefront on North Upper Street in Lexington. Though they knew little about the medical field, it seemed like a good idea at the time.


This was before disposable medical products exploded in the 1960's and the bio-tech booms of latter decades and before the Medicare and Medicaid programs began in 1965, when medical distribution was something of a cottage industry.  The forerunners of many of today's global medical distributors then were family companies selling to most healthcare markets. 


With Lynn Senior as General Manager and Lynn Junior as the lead sales rep, plus a clerical person and a driver, they began to learn the business and get the major brand product lines they needed to expand the business.  For many years primarily a hospital supplier, Grogan's has always sold to physicians, nursing homes, health departments, and consumers as well.  As they became established, the business expanded and more sales representatives were hired, routes added, and product lines brought on.  Lynn Grogan, Sr. passed away in 1972.


With expansion, larger facilities were needed for warehousing, showrooms, truck bays, office space, and more employees.  In 1975, the company moved from its first 8,000 square foot location at 327 Old Vine in downtown Lexington next door to 365 Old Vine. 


In 1977, Alan Grogan joined the company and directed more growth and expansion into new market segments. Over the ensuing years, Grogan's built a substantial respiratory specialty business, an extensive wholesale HME program, a custom seating and mobility business, added a first aid and safety route operation (later sold to Cintas), expanded in the laboratory markets, and strengthened their core physician business.  In 1986, Grogan's moved to its present 68,000 square foot distribution center and retail store on South Broadway at Virginia Avenue.  Lynn Grogan, Jr. retired in 1989 and passed away in 2008.  


In 2018, Grogan’s became part of Federated Healthcare Supply Holdings.

eMed Healthcare

eMed was founded as a community-focused company committed to increasing the survival rate of people experiencing a cardiac emergency outside of hospitals.  The idea for the company came from the founder having witnessed first responders using a portable defibrillator to revive a friend from college. eMed believed AEDs should be made accessible to the public.  After only two years, the company had sold AEDs in 14 states.  The company then expanded its product portfolio to include all products that are used by first responders, including fire, EMS and law enforcement. 

In 2018, eMed became part of Grogan’s.


Paul Telker started the company in 1986. Working as a sales rep for a large national healthcare distributor, Paul Telker was confident he could "do things differently” from the many other distributors vying for market share. So, in 1986, Paul started T-Plex.  Focusing on value pricing, outstanding service and customized ordering solutions, the company was born. 

T-Plex customers include physician practices, particularly pediatrics, internal medicine, OB/GYN, podiatry, dental, family practice, urology, and surgical offices, as well as oral surgeons in the Midwest. Local account managers attentively focus on customer needs and problem solving to make sure that every order is delivered on-time and packed properly.

In 2018, T-Plex became part of Federated Healthcare Supply Holdings. 

Federated Healthcare Supply

As the healthcare distribution market continued to consolidate, the former owners of Delaware Valley Surgical Supply saw a market need to build a new independent distributor with the size and scale to address the customer pain points of rising prices and declining service levels and to address the manufacturer pain points of losing market share to private labels and fractured partnerships with distributors.  Federated Healthcare Supply began doing business in 2018, first by acquiring Grogan’s, eMed Healthcare and T-Plex, and then by opening its own distribution center just outside Philadelphia. 

In 2019, Federated Healthcare Supply became part of Federated Healthcare Supply Holdings.