DRSS101-1G  Wash Body Bathe Away Gallon 4Ga/cs Derma Sciences

Product: DRSS101-1G Manufacturer: Derma Sciences Stock Item? No

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  • Bathe Away Body, Hair and Scalp Cleanser. Bathe Away is a complete body, hair, and scalp-cleansing product specially formulated to gently bathe away soil and odor. Bathe Away contains both glycerin and coconut oil products to minimize depletion of the skin's own natural oils during cleansing, and chamomile to soothe the skin. It is pH balanced to protect the acid-mantle of normal, healthy skin and hair. The new fresh fragrance helps eliminate odors and makes the bathing experience a pleasant one. Bathe Away is designed for use in tub, shower, or bedside basin, and performs well in all types of water. It is free-rinsing and will not leave harmful residue on skin or slippery soap scum on tub or tile surfaces. Bathe Away contains a special antimicrobial preserving system to help eliminate the risk of product contamination which helps guarantee product integrity and aids in eliminating cross infection concerns.