DRSS201-1G  Wash Perineal In Between 4Ga/cs Derma Sciences

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  • In Between Incontinence Care Perineal Spray Skin Cleanser. In Between is a convenient, versatile product for the quick and effective clean up of all body exudates, particularly those from incontinent episodes. It eliminates odor from both urine and feces while gently and thoroughly cleansing the entire perineal skin area. In Between may be sprayed directly on the skin, soil mass, clothing, and the bed linens to eliminate odor. In Between cleans, soothes, and freshens skin. It leaves no irritating soap film and does not require rinsing, making it ideal for bedside bathing/clean ups. In Between is not a masking agent for odor, but is designed to affect an odor free environment throughout the facility. For that purpose, In Between can safely be sprayed on floors, walls, furniture, carpets, clothing, and any other surface that needs to be clean and free of odors. In Between contains a special antimicrobial preserving system to help eliminate the risk of product contamination which helps guarantee product integrity and aids in eliminating cross infection concerns.