HPCB1005DB-6  Basin Shampoo Inflatable 6/cs Homecare Prds


Product: HPCB1005DB-6 Manufacturer: Homecare Products Co Stock Item? Yes

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  • EZ-Shampoo is so simple, fast and comfortable it's head and shoulders above the rest. The unique EZ-Shampoo inflatable sink fills the need for an easy, refreshing shampoo for patients confined to bed. When inflated by mouth or air pump, the specially designed EZ-Shampoo is a secure, form-fitting basin that comfortably cushions the patient's neck and shoulders. A conventional drain hose efficiently removes soapsuds and water from the basin. All that's required for cleanup is to towel dry the rinsed out sink, deflate, and fold up for prompt storage in a space as small as a folded towel. EZ-Shampoo is made of heavy-duty vinyl and is backed by a one year limited warranty. Lightweight and compact in size, EZ-Shampoo is 28" wide and 24" long. The 6" deep double-tube design prevents splashing and spilling.