SIHO-WH  Filter Shower High Output White

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  • High output filter (does not include shower head) includes reversible 12-month replaceable filter and is available in white, chrome, and brass finish. Filter extends and lowers showerhead height by 4.5". Longest life and strongest replaceable shower filter available. Most human exposure to chlorine is in the shower while most filtration systems focus on drinking water. In addition to damaging and drying hair and skin, chlorine gas inhaled in the shower and excess exposure can have adverse health consequences. Sprite Industries patented non-carbon filters remove chlorine and other contaminants from shower water. CHLORGON tm and KDF filter media removes total chlorine, has enhanced lead removal capabilities, and removes hydrogen sulfide (sulphur, rotten egg smell), iron oxides (rust), dirt, sediment and odors. . Do your skin and hair a favor and enjoy a better shower experience. See product # SIHOC for replacement filters. See product # SISE Shower Easy automatic shower body wash dispenser for the ultimate shower experience.

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