STF-SF2003  Deodorizer Stablefresh Dc 32Oz Spray 6/cs Stf

Product: STF-SF2003 Manufacturer: Stable Fresh Stock Item? No

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  • StableFresh DC Cleaner 32oz Spray. StableFresh is a one of a kind urine remover that biologically consumes urine and odor instead of just masking them. Now in a great 32oz spray bottle. Other companies produce products that mask or absorb urine, but StableFresh DC literally consumes the urine and neutralizes PH because it contains a natural blend of bacteria designed to speed up the biodegrading process. Perfect for treating urine smells from small animals like dogs and cats. Safe and effective, StableFresh DC really works great at eliminating urine smells that are found around the home. All natural. USDA approved. Environmentally correct. 6/cs.