SUN-SUNRAY  Sunbox Portable Light Unit 24X15.5 10000 Lux

Product: SUN-SUNRAY Manufacturer: The Sunbox Co Stock Item? No

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  • SunRay. The SunRay's moderate size, light weight, and reasonable price have made it a very popular unit. As recommended by leading researchers, the light is delivered at a downward angle for maximum effectiveness. The leg pieces of the desk stand are easily detached and reattached to the back of the unit for portability. The SunRay provides 10,000 lux @ 18.5"; 5,000 lux @ 23"; and 2,500 lux @ 42". Full set of bulbs included. Dimensions when assembled on desk stand: 24" W x 23.5" H x 12" D. Color: White. Weight: 14 lbs.